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pavcoid waffle pods

Inventors of PacVoid & PacVoid Fill

Sustainable Void Co is the choice of supplier for those needing environmentally friendly, cost-saving and compact void formers that are better for construction and the environment.

Why are
PacVoid Waffle Pods better?

Designed and made in Australia, PacVoid is an environmentally friendly alternative to polystyrene and the choice for many building companies seeking greater sustainability and efficiency

Environmentally Friendly

Made from Unicor® an innovative compound made from 70% earth-based materials. Eliminate waste and mess switching away from environmentally unfriendly polystyrene

Highly Efficient Installation

Improves construction speed by PacVoid's numbered pod system that maps sizes with engineering drawings for rapid deployment . 

Highly Cost-effective
Save on freight, material and labour costs. Eliminate the bulk, time consumption and waste of conventional polystyrene waffle pods.   

Know exactly how much PacVoid your project needs prior to construction

Know exactly how much PacVoid your project needs prior to construction

Know exactly how much PacVoid your project needs prior to construction

Save money, eliminate waste or oversupply and complete your projects faster. Utilising your construction plans, we can provide you with exactly the right amount of Pacvoid for your project.

One of the key benefits to the PacVoid system is the relationship between PacVoid and the slab design.

In conjunction with Structerre Engineering Consultants slab designs are engineered to suit PacVoid’s system.


PacVoid void formers come in 6 different sizes, which incidentally can be combined to create all size requirements at 100mm increments:


1. 1090 x 1090

2. 1090 x 900

3. 1090 x 700

4. 1090 x 500

5. 1090 x 300

6. 400 x 300


It’s essentially paint by numbers system, place by numbers is more accurate. There is no oversupply or wastage of any kind, the slab is designed to suit these sizes and it is a matter of laying corresponding size voids in the location marked on the plans.


PacVoid in Action

The choice of many prominent Australian home builders and construction companies demanding reliable and sustainable construction pods for their projects.

PacVoid Fill Commercial Construction Void Formers

Designed for commercial construction projects ensuring both stability and ingenuity of structures as well as reducing the risk associated with soil movement 


PacVoid is the solution to polystyrene waste

  • Replace the harmful waste of polystyrene void formers on your worksite that pollutes Australia's precious environment and waterways

  • Reduce excess void for your job costing you money

  • Improve speed to complete void forming tasks 

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